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11 Oct 2018 Our website is available online.

13 Dec 2018 Our recent publication “Engineered nanomaterials inhibit Podosphaera pannosa infection on rose leaves by regulating phytohormones” is available online in Environmental Research.

16 Aug 2019 Our project “Molecular mechanism of calcium-dependent protein kinase RhCDPK26 mediated gray mold resistance in rose” is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grants number 31972444)

12 Sep 2019 Our recent publication “First report of Alternaria black spot of rose caused by Alternaria alternata in China” is available online in Journal of Plant Pathology.

28 Nov 2019 Our recent publication “Genome-wide characterization of the rose (Rosa chinensis) WRKY family and role of RcWRKY41 in gray mold resistance” is available online in BMC Plant Biology.